5 Useful Tips: Increasing Employee Retention and Reducing Costs in the Workplace

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5 Useful Tips: Increasing Employee Retention and Reducing Costs in the Workplace

Employers are always thinking of ways of retaining their employees and cutting labour cost. However, replacing a single salaried employee could cost six to nine months’ worth of his pay. What would be the solution then? Well, adding programs such as on-site health services and snacks will lead to a friendlier working environment and pleased employees. What matters is the question how the employees will feel appreciated and will do their best?

Here are some useful tips to keep your team members:

Healthy snacks for happy employees  

A recent survey by ZeroCater found out that 38% from the respondents ranked office food as one of their top three job benefits. 88% responded that snacks are important and 78% responded the same about office meals. However, we have to be careful of what snacks we choose. The best choice is providing healthy snacks such as NatureBox for instance.

Providing a guru track

Another benefit employees would be quite satisfied with is having a perspective for career growth. However, not everyone is suitable for a managing or leading position. In this case, a ‘guru’ track is perfect for those who want to advance in their knowledge and inspire their co-workers. Customer support manager at Hootsuite, Nicole Winstone has increased the average tenure of the Hootsuite support team member from 9 to 16 months in a year having this program.


More and more companies are offering their employees paid time off to volunteer. However, they only provide one or two days off in a year. An exception is the company Novo Nordisk, providing its members with 11 days of paid volunteerism.

On-site healthcare

Back pain is a serious problem in many workplaces, mainly those requiring physical labour but also in areas such as tech, finance and healthcare. The American Chiropractic Association claims that half of the working Americans report back pain symptoms. This leads to millions lost work days per year or about two days per full-time American worker. Many companies such as Cisco Systems, First American, OhioHealth, PricewaterhouseCoopers, have started offering on-site massages for their employees.

Saying ‘Thank you’

It turns out that employees need to be praised more in order to be more satisfied on their job. 70% of employees stated to Reward Gateway, that good attitude and motivation are crucial for the workplace. David DeStano, a psychology professor at Northeastern University claims that helping employees take pride in themselves and the work they do, stimulates them to be more productive and successful workers.

Are these tips the key to preventing your employees of leaving? Maybe. However, it is not certain that following the tips will keep all the workers. Although, retaining one or two employees is still an achievement.


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