Our team

Iskren Mitov

Iskren Mitov

Technological and executive director

Computer engineer, entrepreneur, activist.
One of the best 50 entrepreneurs in Spain, named as such from the best universities in the country and companies such as Santander bank.
Technological developer and inovator, expert in web development and new technologies like Blockchain.

Verónica Sánchez

Verónica Sánchez

Community Manager

Audiovisual communicator.
The social network, the creation of content that you use, moving around with the programmes and trying things until we find the best, is my thing.

Paula Reyes

Iva Stoyanova


English and spanish filology student.
Currently doing university internship at YoDono, responsible for the translation of the platform into multiple languages, as well as communication with entities around the world.

Pilar Troncoso - YoDono

Pilar Troncoso


A late adopter digital freak!
Graduated in business and PDD by IESE, restlessly active, fascinated with the digital transformation in organizations, entrepreneur, founder of several Startups practicing as an Advisor, contributing her experience in business development, finance and communication and public relations.

Miguel García

Miguel García

Artistic and campaign advisor.

Artist and Conservative of works of Art; he has worked in the Prado museum and develops his activity with 100% artistic projects. His goal: to put all means to excite people through art.

Pere Joan Llofriu

Pere Joan Llofriu

Legal advisor

He has studied Law in the University of Balearic Islands, has a master degree of Access to the Legal Profession and has done various specialisations. Proactive and entrepreneur, he carries out the consultancy in the field of data protection, as well as any other legal aspect in a Startup.

We were one of the best. In Silicon Valley.

The birthplace of entrepreneurship welcomed us as one of the best startups and we were able to meet the leading technological companies and their CEOs, as well as many investors and accelerators.

Iskren Mitov, Ales Linde y Pere Joan Llofriu en Silicon Valley

We are being mentored by the best. Secot, EOI, B4B.

We are mentored by great professionals with a huge experience being members of organisations such as Secot, EOI, BridgeForBillions, etc.
We are where we are thanks to the huge help of institutions such as the University of Salamanca, SIPPE, Usal Emprende, ICE, Salamanca's City Council, EOI, the programme Explorer, CISE and the sponsorship of Santander bank.

Secot, YoDono, Cesar Lopez, Antonio de Miguel, Isidro Laso en Valladolid

We are located in Salamanca. Spain.

The best university city in Spain. It has an enormous infrastructure for start ups. It makes the most of all the talented people graduating every year and every time with bigger companies and higher number of investors.

Iskren Dragomirov Mitov posando en la Plaza Mayor de Salamanca