Our values

We are a startup of social character with a big impact on humanity and people's lives. As such, we have strong values that we carry out everyday and our actions are based on our principles. Therefore, to understand well what is YoDono you have to understand our phylosophy and our way of thinking.
The following are some of our values:


YoDono was created to help people who don't have sufficient resources to face problems mainly related to health. Since the beginning, this aim has expanded and now YoDono helps in many ways that a person would need, as well as to offer the perfect tool to for expressing yourself for activists and "Changemakers".


The founder of YoDono, Iskren Mitov, is animalist and because of that is vegetarian. He feels great love and respect for all animals therefore the whole organisation caught his love for all living beings. Because of that, we accept pets in our offices.


In this case, is Paula Reyes, the one that passed on to all her concern for the environment, therefore our offices are plastic-free, we care a lot about the nature, its preservation and slowing down the climatic change. We are really devoted to protect our surroundings.


To us, all human beings are equal, we don't differentiate from colour or from believes, financial resources, sexual preferences, origin, gender. All human beings are valuable and that's why we want to give an opportunity to those who don't have it, as well as to offer essential services such as water, food, education or health service to those who don't have access to them.


We are series innovators, not only technologically. We innovate in every aspect, as much in entrepreneurship as in structure, technoogy, in something that simple like the bags we carry to work (non-plastic ones).

We love to work because we are having fun doing it! 🤓

These are some of our publications that sum up our values.